2018 Scholarship Application! Due April 16, 2018

PURPOSE:  To provide scholarship funds to students pursuing a career in the home building industry and related trades.

WHO QUALIFIES:  Any student pursuing a career in the home building industry and related trades. The fund is dedicated to high school students entering college.

AMOUNT OF SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS:  The scholarship award shall be determined by the Women’s Council Scholarship Committee. Multiple applicants are chosen each year to receive scholarships. Funds will be paid directly to the educational institution and shall ONLY be used for tuition and / or books.

Application Directions and Requirements:

1. Download application in either Word or PDF/Adobe document.

2. Type entire application.

3. Part I must be entirely completed.

4. Part II all essays must be answered.

5. Save completed application as a Word or PDF/Adobe document.

6. Email completed application and a copy of transcript to Karyl@HBAofIC.org


Email 1 copy of transcript to Karyl@HBAofIC.org

Mail 1 OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT via US Postal Service to:

Greater Iowa City Area Home Builders Association

PO Box 3396, Iowa City IA 52244

NOTE: Official transcript must be received by April 16, 2018 deadline.
NOTE: If you are a first semester college student, you must submit  official final high school transcripts and official college transcripts.
The original seal on the official transcript must be in place, not broken, when received by the IC Area HBA EO office.

Deadline: April 16, 2018 for ALL Materials

2018 Scholarship Application