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NAHB Member Benefits

NAHB represents the largest network of craftsmen, innovators and problem solvers dedicated to building and enriching communities. Operating at the local, state and national levels, the NAHB federation helps its members gain a competitive advantage through:

KNOWLEDGE: NAHB’s educational programs and resources give members the tools needed to gain an industry edge. With knowledge comes power and opportunity to expand their businesses and achieve personal success. Programs include courses and seminars, offered in-person and online. Plus, NAHB professional designations improve skills and advance careers.

NETWORKING: Every pro knows that networking can be a key to business success. With 140,000 members from all areas of the housing industry, NAHB is a onestop networking shop within a community of home-building professionals. From local networking receptions and monthly membership meetings to regional  trade shows, national committees and special interest councils, NAHB provides hundreds of ways to meet and build relationships with fellow professionals, future customers and suppliers, thereby increasing  profitability. The NAHB Mailing List Service also provides members with networking and business opportunities through direct mail. 

EXPERTISE: In addition to its broad advocacy efforts, NAHB supports members by conducting extensive economic analysis and research to develop solutions for members’ businesses through access to experts who provide housing-market insight and information. Staff experts include distinguished economists, financial authorities and tax, regulatory and technical specialists. NAHB also supports members through workforce training programs, research into innovative building products and construction techniques and the hard work of the association’s legal and landdevelopment teams. Its communications and award-winning video production team, NAHB Studios, then tell the story to members and the public across all media platforms.

ADVOCACY: NAHB fights for its members on Capitol Hill, in state houses and in the communities where they do business. It aims to improve the business environment by working hard to defeat excessive regulations and protect members’ bottom lines. Efforts include educating policymakers and the Administration; building successful coalitions; defending affordable housing initiatives; and mobilizing NAHB’s grassroots on a range of issues, such as the tax code, federal housing programs, regulatory relief, environmental laws, building codes and building materials. Legal Services and BUILD-PAC are key components of this advocacy. A single win in the policy arena can save builders thousands of dollars on every home they build. NAHB members are kept informed with prompt regulatory and legislative alerts.

SAVINGS: Apart from savings through advocacy, NAHB saves members money through its Members  Savings Program that  offers exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services via agreements with more than 20 national companies. These deals can benefit members’ business, employees and family. Members can also save by using use their member discount at BuilderBooks: NAHB’s Official Bookstore, and NAHB Contracts. These savings add up and help drive profits. In fact, last year last year, members saved $22 million! Whether it’s a discount or learning a more efficient way to operate, NAHB helps cut costs and maximize returns. Click the blue banner below to learn more about NAHB’s Members Savings Program.


NAHB Priorities

BUILDING CODES: Building codes can have a profound impact on the comfort and safety of residents as well as the cost of construction and the cost of operating the home. NAHB helps its members work toward cost-effective and safe codes.

HOUSING AFFORDABILITY: Addressing ongoing housing affordability concerns is a top issue. Due to the complexity and nationwide scope of the problem, NAHB is looking to Congress to help craft practical solutions and put them in place.

HOUSING FINANCE REFORM: The nation’s housing market continues to perform far below its potential. Uncertainty about the housing finance system stymies investment, slows the housing market and presents downside risks to the broader economy. While some steps have been taken to address mortgage-market weaknesses, there little progress in comprehensive reforms to ensure housing credit is available, affordable and delivered though a sound and competitive system. Federal support in continuing the affordable 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is especially critical.

MATERIAL COSTS: The rising cost of building materials, including softwood lumber, steel, aluminum and other imported materials and equipment, is harming housing affordability. The Administration’s tariffs on these key materials and other goods used by the homebuilding industry to resolve trade conflicts has exacerbated price volatility and driven up housing costs. With America facing a housing affordability crisis, it is counterproductive to enact policies that push homeownership out of reach.

NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE PROGRAM: The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) identifies flood-prone areas in the country, makes flood insurance available to property owners in participating communities and encourages efforts to mitigate flood hazards. Hurricanes have cost billions of dollars, while many express concerns about continuing to build in the floodplain. However, new construction is built to more stringent codes and standards and is more resilient.

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: In a 2020 NAHB survey, 85 percent of member builders reported the availability and cost of workers as the most significant challenge they face — despite competitive pay. This translates into higher housing costs, increased home prices, difficulty completing projects on time and lower economic growth. NAHB is working to address these challenges through state and local home builders associations; HBI; partnerships with career and technical education; institutions, its Student Chapters program; and more. The Iowa City Area HBA is proud to sponsor two NAHB Student Chapters: Durant High School and Kirkwood Community College. NAHB also supports and advocates for investments in proven programs, such as HBI Job Corps and Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training.


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