Dec. 2 Webinar Previews Kirkwood’s New Construction Confidence Course for Women

Are you looking to build your home-improvement skills? Do you want to make a difference in the Iowa City community? Then the new Kirkwood Community College Residential Construction Confidence Course for Women might be for you! Classes begin Jan. 8, 2022. But before you sign up, check out the FREE Zoom webinar to get a behind-the-scenes view of the course.

Tune in to hear an engaging panel of experts and visionaries and learn more about:

– The fascinating background of how this class came to be
– Which residential construction skills you will learn hands-on 
– Details on Iowa City’s involvement and partnership
– The story behind writing the book, “The House That She Built”
– Your direct impact to the community when you join this class.

Panel Speakers Include:

Sandy Steil, Project Manager at MMS Consultants, Inc.
Mollie Elkman, Author of “The House That She Built
Stan Laverman, Senior Housing Inspector for The City of Iowa City

This webinar is available to everyone, not just those who plan on taking the class! All are welcome

Please sign up ahead of time to get your Webinar Zoom link:

The course and preview is a collaboration among Kirkwood, The City of Iowa City, MMS Consultants and The Greater Iowa City Area HBA.