Housing Affordability: NAHB Members Collaborating Toward Better Solutions

NAHB members have actively been advocating for better solutions toward housing affordability, whether it’s removing regulatory barriers to increase housing supply or recruiting new workers to the profession. As NAHBNow recently highlighted, a number are actively involved in local endeavors — such as state or local task forces and commissions — to bring the home-building perspective to discussions surrounding how communities can tackle this important issue.

Connecticut is just one state actively involved in this process. As part of Public Act 21-29, it established the Commission on Connecticut’s Development and Future to “evaluate policies related to land use, conservation, housing affordability and infrastructure.” Among those on the commission is Greg Ugalde, NAHB’s 2019 chairman and President/CLO at T & M Building Co. Inc.

To help others around the Federation get more involved in these discussions, Ugalde provided his insights on his work on the commission and what members can do to become more active. You can access the Q and A here.