Scholarships Support Next Generation of Industry Leaders

Scholarships Support Next Generation of Industry Leaders

Filed in Construction Industry, Student Chapters by on March 16, 2018

Students interested in – or currently pursuing – rewarding career opportunities in residential construction can apply for several industry scholarships that are now accepting applications. Encourage students you know to submit their applications soon as the deadlines are quickly approaching.

National Housing Endowment

The National Housing Endowment offers several students scholarships, including the Herman J. Smith Scholarship, the Lee S. Evans Scholarship, the NAHB Professional Women in Building/NHE Strategies for Success Scholarship and the Pulte Group/NHE Build Your Future Scholarship. The deadline for students to apply to any of these scholarships is April 1.

In addition to the student scholarships, the Endowment also offers the Homebuilding Education Leadership Program (HELP), which awards annual grants to leading colleges and universities to help them create, expand or enhance residential construction management programs. The first step in the grant application process is for institutions to submit a Letter of Inquiry, which is also due April 1.

More information about the student scholarships can be found on

American Council for Construction Education (ACCE)

ACCE’s annual scholarships focus on supporting students interested in pursuing teaching opportunities in the field. The Dupree Construction Education Fund/National Housing Endowment Scholarship provides $5,000 yearly to help with expenses for a candidate for an advanced degree in construction management with an emphasis on residential construction.

The applicant should have experience in residential construction and a desire for a career as faculty in an ACCE-accredited construction management program. Applicants must have been accepted in an advanced degree program in construction management in an institution with an ACCE-accredited undergraduate program. The 2018 application is due May 8.