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Remodelers Council

Professional Remodelers!

Credibility: Stand Out as the Professional. Your professionalism and quality workmanship are recognized through affiliation with a large and reputable trade association, such as your local Home Builders Association (HBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The Remodelers Council helps you maintain that credibility by:

Professionals Belong Together!

It is true there is strength in numbers, and professionals who support the industry work together to make their voice heard. There are so many advantages to belonging to your local HBA. You too can profit from the association. By joining and becoming a member of the Remodelers Council team of your local HBA, you will not only advance your own business, but also help to improve the strength and image of the remodeling industry as a whole.

By associating with other professionals, you increase your business contacts with reputable subcontractors, suppliers and fellow Remodelers. You enhance your professional image and expand your visibility and credibility to potential clients, while you broaden your personal and business horizons. Through your participation in the Remodelers Council, you help guide the future of the remodeling industry and your company. You will become proactive, rather than reactive. You will stay one step ahead of the competition and in control of your own future.

Industry Information: Work Smarter

Stay miles ahead of the competition with important information on critical issues.

Profit from the expertise and business knowledge of other professionals.

Stay on the cutting edge of your industry.

Be tuned in to the latest remodeling trends, legislative developments and technology.

Receive local and national publications that keep you in touch with remodeling information right now!

Exposure: Build Your Client Base

Increase visibility for you and your company between your peers and consumers via networking opportunities at the local HBA and NAHB. Be a part of regular membership meetings, committee participation and awards programs.

In addition, take advantage of advertising opportunities, current programs and a referral system.

Representation: Strength in Numbers

Your local HBA and NAHB maintain a powerful voice that influences local, state and federal policy issues that can have a major impact on the building/remodeling industry. As a member, you can help shape the future for you, your company, and the industry.

Education: Your Key to Wealth

Cut Costs: Save Money

Improve your bottom line just by being a member. Membership doesn’t cost you money; it saves you money-money you have overlooked because you didn’t know it was there. Join now and cut costs while saving more money than you imagined possible on everyday business expenses. Examples include long distance services, discounts on overnight deliveries, lobbying efforts, discounted rates on national seminars, networking, association referrals, new customer leads, supplier contacts, free subscriptions to industry publications: NAHB Remodelers newsletter, Nations Building News and Builder magazine.

Twenty-five companies started the council in 1996. The council currently has more than 80 members and is accepting applications for membership. You must be a member of the local Home Builders Association to join the council. Please contact the association office for more information at 319-351-5333.

Cost $55

Benefits of the Council

The Remodelers Council was established in 1996 as an arm of the The Greater Iowa City Area Home Builders Association to:


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