VTC Votes on Proposed Officers Slate June 24

The Greater Iowa City Area HBA Vocational Training Council (VTC) will hold its Annual Meeting June 24 at 10:30 a.m. where the following slate of officers will be voted on:

Tim Ruth                                  President                                  McCreedy-Ruth Construction

GT Karr                                    Vice-President                         Sueppel’s Siding & Remodeling

Adam Hahn                              Past President                          Watts Group                            

Marty Tunning                        Treasurer                                  RSM US

Aaron McGlynn                      Director                                    Cabinet Works

Andy Martin                            Director                                    Martin Construction  

Joe Greathouse                        Director                                    Kirkwood

Tony Frederick                        Director                                    Hart-Frederick Consultants

Mark Mitchell                          Director                                    Engineered Building Design

Tom Balmer                             Director                                    PSC Distribution

Corey Ackerman                     Director                                    Ackerman Plumbing

Andy Hodge                             Director                                    Hodge Construction

Karyl Bohnsack                       Executive Officer/Secretary   HBA of Iowa City

Dennis Boelk                           Committee Member                Hodge Construction

Jason Hayes                             Committee Member                Skogman Realty

Lindsey Schluckebier             Committee Member                Iowa City Comm. School Dist.

Melissa Kumle-Hammes        Committee Member                Kirkwood Workplace Learning Connection         

Becky Weininger                    Committee Member                Kirkwood Workforce Initiatives Project Manager

The VTC is the Iowa City Area HBA’s workforce development arm. It assists and supports area schools in the operation of their vocational training programs. Initiatives include the Student-Built House Program, Build My Future showcase, career fairs, job shadows and guest lecturing at ACE Academy classes. 

Contact any Vocational Training Council member or the Iowa City Area HBA office to learn how to get involved.